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What is the Iron Viking Run?

CrossFit Zeeburg (CFZ) started the initiative to run the Viking Run this year with a group of CFZ members, which will be on Saturday the 19th of May. But we don’t just do this Run for any reason, we want to raise money and awareness for the Dirk Kuyt Foundation, an organization set up by famous football player Dirk Kuyt. Their goal is to encourage people with disabilities to play sports and exercise, by organizing sport events for people with disabilities.

Another reason for CrossFit Zeeburg to organize this Run is to bring our community closer together by working towards a mutual goal. A goal that will challenge us both physically and mentally. A goal that will put our fitness to the test. The CrossFit Zeeburg coaches Mart and Chris are the driving factor behind this initiative. In this first article we will cover the background of these two coaches, what drives them to do this exhausting Viking Run and why they choose to do it for the Dirk Kuyt Foundation.

Mart Hallink (left) & Christiaan Kopitz (Right) at the Beach Throwdown 2017.

I have been coaching at CrossFit Zeeburg since December 2016. Before that I was doing personal training and teaching various classes such as HIIT and boxing, while finishing the last year of my studies. My athletic background goes back to when I was 6 years old, at that age I started with judo. I did that for about 10 years before moving on to other sports such as kickboxing, karate and fitness. In 2015 I wanted to take my knowledge on fitness and coaching ability to the next level and got my PT certificate. I like to help people get better, to get them further in life. Through the experience I built up in the last years I can help people reach their fitness and health goals, and that is a very rewarding feeling.

I’ve always been very active in sports and fitness in general. The first time I tried CrossFit, it wasn’t my favorite thing in the world. I was doing bodybuilding for a couple of years now and I was used to low-skilled, low-heartbeat workouts, so CrossFit was way outside my comfort zone. But I came back and within a month I was hooked. The sport of fitness in the regular gym was losing me, it wasn’t fun for me anymore and I started slacking on my training and nutrition. Rediscovering at CrossFit how much fun working out can really be, I intensified my training-routine ad got my nutrition back on track. CrossFit Zeeburg became my second home, and in august 2017 I started coaching there as well, a dream coming true. Since then I’ve grown into the sport and the community so much. Switching to CrossFit was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Why do the Iron Viking Run for charity?

I’m someone that likes to challenge himself and set difficult goals. The Iron Viking Run (42 km) is in my opinion one of the most difficult challenges out there, not just physically but also mentally. The fact that it seems so out of reach, makes it a great goal to work towards to. The reason that I want to do it for charity, is because I find it important to give something back. Giving back to a community, to the people around you, it can be done in many ways. I can and want to give back in the form of raising money for the Dirk Kuyt Foundation, by putting myself through this tough 42 km obstacle run.

From a personal perspective: I always try to challenge myself. Last year, I did the 19 kilometer Viking Run for the first time and it was amazing. The day after was horrible, since I didn’t prepare for that run at all: my muscles were sore, my bones were sore, my whole body resisted moving. But I felt there was more for me to do, this wasn’t the end of my Viking Run story: I set my goals for 2018 on the 42 kilometer Viking Run. This year, with preparation of course!

It’s absolutely a once in a lifetime experience, since I don’t like running at all, but it’s something I just have to do. The ultimate challenge of fitness and stamina! Beyond my own personal goals, it’s just a brotherhood-thing that attracts me to these kind of challenges. Every 20 minute workout at the box we ‘survive’ together brings us closer together as a group, I can only image what running the Viking Run will do for us as a group!

Why did you guys choose the Dirk Kuyt Foundation?

Mart was the one that came with the idea to do it for the Dirk Kuyt Foundation, he worked together with the organization in the past. What spoke to me was the vision of the foundation; to make sports available for people with disabilities by organizing sport events. It really resonates with the idea behind CrossFit, where we train anyone, regardless of age or background, to become fitter versions of themselves.

About 2 years ago I started working at BrownieS & DownieS, a restaurant where most of the employees have down-syndrome or another mental disability. These people really spoke to me, their happiness, their honesty, just their way of looking at life in general, and I decided to start an education to be able to work with them for the rest of my life (Next to CrossFit of course?). This restaurant has a huge event every year, organized by the Dirk Kuyt Foundation, where they get in touch with other employees and play sports together.

And that’s why I chose the DKF: I think everybody should be able to get the fun out of sports that I’m getting. And this foundation encourages people who normally wouldn’t get in touch with sports that easy, to exercise and have fun doing to. I think this is also partly what the goal of CrossFit Zeeburg is, making sports fun for as many people as possible, and that’s why this charity and our Viking Run Team are such a great match!

What is the goal?

We are organizing this thing mainly for two different reasons:

  • Of course to raise money for the Dirk Kuyt Foundation. We are planning on raising €4.219 as a team. We chose this amount because this is the exact distance of a marathon! We are going to do this by looking for friends and family to sponsor us. We have a growing team of CFZ-members teaming up with us, so we have all the confidence we are going to make it! Every penny is welcome, so if you want to donate, please don’t hesitate to do so.

You can donate money on our GoFundMe page:

  • We are also getting into this challenge to test our fitness and above all, to get a stronger community out of it. As mentioned above, running the Viking Run gives an amazing sense of brotherhood and that’s exactly what we’re aiming for as the CrossFit Zeeburg Viking Run team. To challenge our fitness, not only as individuals but also as a team. We will start training together, go there together, suffer together and conquer the Viking Run together!
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