Interview Païvi Paananen – Viking Run 2018

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Name: Païvi Paananen
Started at CFZ: May 2017
Viking Run distance: 13 km

How were you introduced to CrossFit?
I had been training at a gym for a long time and followed a lot of different workouts. I came across CrossFit and thought it was cool, but not my type of training. However in my previous gym my trainer did CrossFit and introduced some of that type of training to my program. He also started the classes with a WOD, I ended up proving myself wrong and loved it.

How do you stay motivated?
I like training and love the feeling afterwards. If I have issues with motivation I always think of how good I will feel afterwards. I also have a rule for myself that I must start but after starting I can stop anytime if I don’t feel good or feel tired. Starting is always the hardest and this way it’s easier to start and very rarely do I stop before I’m done.

Nutrition is an important but often overlooked aspect of training – What is your approach to nutrition?
I believe in eating real food from good ingredients. Clean and good quality. I usually have half of my plate veggies to start with. I eat on a pretty regular schedule and make sure I have enough, depriving yourself from food is not the way to go. Nobody wants to be around me if I’m “hangry”.

The Iron Viking Run is described as “the most intense obstacle run”, what aspect of the Run will be the biggest challenge for you?
I’ve done two half marathons and other longer runs so I know I can do the run. However, I know I’ll be challenged in some of the obstacles, like climbing over a wall or obstacles that require a strong upper body.

Do you do anything specific to prepare for the Iron Viking Run?
I’ve been sick most of the beginning of the year so now I’m just trying to get back on track with my training and get back my overall stamina and strength.

What is your favorite & least favorite exercise?
Favorites are always leg exercises like deadlift and squat. I’m not very strong in my upper body so that’s always a challenge,  among those upper body exercises are pull ups, which are my go-to hate movement as I’m never getting any better.

Last question: For what can we wake you up in the middle of the night?
Don’t wake me up  but if you must, bring my lovely puppy Max and don’t forget the food! 🙂

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