Interview Martin and Brett – Viking Run 2018

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Power couple Martin and Brett are familiar faces at CrossFit Zeeburg, powering through the WODs together as if it’s a walk in the park, and now they’ve decided to push it up a notch. Martin will participate in the grueling 42 km Viking Run. Brett will put herself in to the test with the 19 km Viking Run. CrossFit Zeeburg managed to pull them aside and ask them a few questions.

How did you get started with CrossFit?

Martin: Before I started CrossFit my girlfriend Brett and I did our workouts at a normal gym, but after a while we got a bit bored with the same routine. For us, there was no challenge anymore, therefore we started looking for alternatives that would challenge and motivate us more, and that is how we learned about CrossFit. After the first Workout Of the Day we were already infected with the CrossFit virus! Now, about 1.5 years later, we are still going strong, trying to do a WOD 4x a week.

Brett: Since the early days when I was young I have played soccer. I played at a high level and was always very competitive in the sport. Because of my work in health care and the random hours that I had to be on call, I decided to stop playing football, I sadly wasn’t able to combine the two anymore. Because I did wanted to stay active I started to look for other sports to challenge me, unfortunately the gym wasn’t my cup of tea and I lost interest quickly. Then I started looking with Martin for other sports that would challenge us, and that is why we ended up with CrossFit, which is tough, challenging but above all, fun.

Where does your motivation come from?

Martin: My motivation comes mainly from being in motion. I find it important to stay active, and on top of that the variation in CrossFit workouts ensures that it never gets boring. Personally I like to set goals that I can work towards to, and those goals can vary from a running competition to the Iron Viking Run that we will now do on the 19th of May. Working towards these goals brings me real motivation!

Brett: Because of my studies, I quit soccer for a year. In this period I didn’t do any sports to prioritize my education, however I gained quite some weight in this time. In a six month period I gained a shocking 15 kg. I decided to start again with soccer and within a few months I lost those 15 kg again. This made me realize that sports is a key part of my life and that I never wanted to go back to that part of my life.

Nutrition is an important but often overlooked aspect of training – What is your approach to nutrition?

Martin: When it comes to nutrition I have to be honest, I try to eat healthy but surely not always haha! I love going out for dinner or have a big lavish dinner at home and in those cases I do not really pay attention to what I eat. Luckily I never really crave sweets or snacks, which helps a lot.

Brett: I have to honestly admit that I don’t pay much attention to my nutrition. I try to eat enough fruit and vegetables, because I know that I have a tendency to gain weight. However, a bag of potato chips isn’t safe when I’m around. I’d like to put more effort into my nutrition to see that have result on a strength and conditioning basis.

The Iron Viking Run is described as “the most intense version of the marathon”, what part of the Run will be the most difficult for you?

Martin: Personally I think the mental aspect will be the toughest part. I will have to set multiple smaller goals of reaching 8 km, so that I can have those little mental victories that will help me in reaching the next goal. This will hopefully help me in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Brett: Honestly, I don’t see myself as too competitive with CrossFit to participate in these type of events. But because I have been doing CrossFit now for a while, and still love every minute of it, I want to put myself to the test. I want to see if the strength and stamina that I’ve built are enough to complete this Viking Run.

How do you prepare specifically for the Iron Viking Run?

Martin: By doing a lot of CrossFit and outside of that run through the Amsterdamse Bos to practice for the hills and uneven terrain, this I do together with my scoop buddy Thomas who will also participate in the Iron Viking Run!

Brett: I try to stay fit by keep doing CrossFit and include some running.

What is your favorite & least favorite exercise?

Martin: My favorite exercises are the gymnastic exercises during CrossFit, I find those the most challenging. My least favorite exercise is the sled push, I hate that freaking thing!

Brett: My favorite exercises are all the varieties to the squat; back squat, front squat. Soccer helped develop a natural preference for these exercises. My least favorite exercise is the deadlift.

Last question: What is your go-to junk meal?

Martin: A delicious foot long sandwich from Subway, I can have one of those any day of the week.

Brett: I don’t really get excited for any fast food chain like Burger King, but I could eat sushi all day every day!


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