Interview Antonio Menezes – Viking Run 2018

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Name: Antonio Menezes
Joined CrossFit Zeeburg: March 2017
Viking Run distance: 19 km

How were you introduced to CrossFit?
I had a friend who had been doing CrossFit for a while and wouldn’t stop talking about it. Decided to check it out, and got hooked. Luckily I live close by to CFZ and after my first day, there was no turning back 🙂

How do you stay motivated?
It depends, sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated to train, especially after a hard day’s work. I guess summer is always a good motivator. Most of all though, I would say compete with myself. Having a goal such as finishing the Viking Run helps as well 🙂

Nutrition is an important but often overlooked aspect of training – What is your approach to nutrition?
I have actually taken this part very seriously from day 1. The help from, CFZ was also valuable. Now I am in a situation where I better understand my needs and am happy with my nutrition plan. Week days healthy, weekends slightly less healthy (includes a drink here and there)

The Iron Viking Run is described as “the most intense version of the marathon”, what aspect of the Run will be the biggest challenge for you?
I am not doing this to finish first. I want to finish and have fun doing it. In addition, I want to (and am) enjoying getting in shape for it.

Do you do anything specific to prepare for the Iron Viking Run?
Running as often as possible at lunch time, and then CrossFit as often as possible in the evenings.

What is your favorite & least favorite exercise?
Favorite: Box Jumps
Least favorite: The Assault Bike

Last question: For what can we wake you up in the middle of the night?
Nothing! Unless the world is coming to an end, let me sleep!

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