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Jeroen Leidelmeijer

– Head trainer – 

Jeroen Battle rope CrossFitJeroen has been involved in sports his whole life. At 6 years old he started with football and in 1992 was “converted” to basketball by the Dream Team dominating the Olympics in Barcelona. From then on it was all basketball during high school and his student years in Groningen. During that same time he practiced many other sports like karate, snowboarding, boxing and fitness.

Unfortunately he injured his knee and had to stop playing competitive basketball. Had he known CrossFit sooner the injury might not have ever happened and maybe he would still be playing basketball. Because that’s what CrossFit brought him since he tried a CrossFit WOD for the first time. A newfound confidence in his right knee and a stronger body that’s able to withstand anything life throws at him physically as well as mentally.

His passion in life is helping others becoming better versions of themselves. Founding CrossFit Zeeburg is a dream come true and creating a CrossFit box where everybody feels welcome and appreciated and of course training very hard is what he wants to accomplish. With his experience as an athlete, a personal trainer and a yoga teacher and his knowledge about nutrition he is very comfortable in front of a group of people as well as working one-on-one. Whenever you need advice on training or nutrition or you need a kick in the butt come to Jeroen and he will do whatever he can to help you.

Ruben Klompmaker

– Head trainer – 

Ruben has been doing various sports since he was 7 years old. Starting out with athletics, this was later on followed by judo, basketball, rowing and cycling. He likes the odd challenge, having run five marathons, completing a 300 km bike ride around the IJsselmeer lake in one day and cycling up the Alpe d’Huez six times in one day as well. Not the same day though.

He was introduced through CrossFit by an ex colleague who couldn’t stop posting about it on Facebook. Hmm, sounds familiair. After attending a WOD he was hooked and has not looked back since. He loves the diversity of the sport, that you have to be able to do everything in order to do well, you know that Renessaince man type.

As both an athletics and rowing coach, Ruben knows how to motivate both individuals and teams and help them get the best out of themselves. He also has a keen interest in life leadership methodologies like Getting Things Done and The 7 Habits, which makes him effective in achieving things, but also a bit of an annoying structopath.

Ruben is your go to guy when you want to learn how to row properly, run instead of jog or if you want to lift heavy sh*t off the ground.

Nicky Kuiper

– Nutritionist – 

Nicky knows food. Not only is she a great and creative cook, she is schooled as a nutrition-advisor and is great at making the confusing topic of nutrition a lot less confusing and in most cases even easy to understand! Don’t complicate things too much, just eat healthy most of the time and you’ll have great results in no time.

Just remember, as with training, improving your diet is not a sprint but a long-term commitment.

Pawel Wlodarski

– Trainer –

Pawel is a CrossFit level 1 trainer and got into CrossFit because he was too lazy to think of another gym workout routine and thought it could be something interesting to try. Tried it once and never stepped into a normal gym again – he even cancelled his gym membership online.

This instant love to CrossFit lasts for 2 years now and is one of his longest relationships. An assassin when it comes to WODs (he likes to kill them) but a nice guy outside of them. Enjoys rowing, cycling and working on his weaknesses. Imported from Poland and living in Amsterdam for the past 4 years.

Christiaan Kopitz

– Trainer – 

Chris has always loved sport and competition. He started out with judo when he was 6 years old and competed until he was 16. Afterwards he spent three years in front of a PC playing competitive eSports (also a sport!). After a while, he realized that he missed the physical challenge, and soon after he ditched the video games and started to focus on karate, kickboxing and weight training.

During his college time he started to focus more on training in the gym, and Chris being his typical self, he needed to be the best at it. He spent years reading everything fitness & bodybuilding related, tried out countless training programs and put himself on more crazy diets than he cares to admit (4000 kcal diet anyone?) just to see what works best.

Through practice, trial & error and working as a personal trainer and group instructor for almost 2 years, Chris has gathered extensive knowledge on how to build muscle, lose fat, improve strength & performance and becoming a champion at Beerpong (something he learned during his college days).

As most people who start with Crossfit, he got totally hooked after he tried his first WOD and is a devout Crossfitian ever since. Chris’ enthusiasm and sense of humor will get you through even the most dreadful WODs. He loves to share his knowledge help other people reach their fitness goals, so when you have any questions and see him in the box, don’t hesitate to ask him, he’s happy to help.

Raphael Eelman

– Physiotherapist – 

Ever since Raphael was young he has been training in martial and fighting arts. Because he was so enthusiastic about getting better at it and also wanted to help people, it was only logical his path led to becoming a physical therapist and movement professional.

Through his martial training, continuing educating and experience he developed a keen eye for good movement and proper application of rehab, recovery and training principles. He has worked with al kinds of people: from young to old, from deskwarrior to pro-athlete. Raphael like’s to study and is always looking to cut away what is unnecessary and keep what is great in his work.

Raphael has a passion for helping you, especially when the going gets tough. With hard training you can come face to face with physical obstacles.  Together with you he will do everything he can to get you going again.

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