Nutrition and sport performance

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Whether you are planning on a marathon, obstacle run, CrossFit competition or just want to get fit, your nutrition intake will influence your sport performance. Nutrition and sport work hand in hand to help athletes reach their full potential. We are basically like a car; we can work well if we are running on the right fuel. However, it depends … Read More

Fundamentals of training Part 1

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When it comes to fitness there have been many myths on what you should or shouldn’t do to reach your desired fitness goals, may it be your first strict pull up, a 100 kg squat, or just to look good naked. No eating carbs, eat only carbs, if you aren’t sore after a workout then your muscles won’t grow, you … Read More

De basis van Eiwitten

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Illustration by SanneMaria_Illustratie Je weet waarschijnlijk wel dat het eten van voldoende eiwitten belangrijk is. Maar waarom eigenlijk? En wat zijn ze precies, waarom hebben we ze nodig en hoe krijg je ze binnen? Wat zijn eiwitten In ons eten zijn koolhydraten, vetten en eiwitten te vinden. Dit zijn de voedingsstoffen of macronutriënten die we nodig hebben om goed te … Read More

How many times per week should I do a CrossFit WOD?

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The question we get asked the most is: “How often should I do CrossFit?” And this is a great question! The answer depends mostly on your training experience, your goals and ofcourse how much time you have. Or better said, how much time you want to spend on training. As far as frequency goes: try to go to 3 times … Read More

Tips voor de beginnende Meal Prepper

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Al eens van meal preppen gehoord? Eigenlijk is het niet meer dan het goed voorbereiden van jouw maaltijden voor de komende week. Hiermee bespaar je niet alleen geld en tijd, het is ook veel gemakkelijker om je aan jouw goede voornemen te houden om gezond te eten. Ben je nieuw op het gebied van meal preppen? Met deze tips ga … Read More

Protein supplements for training recovery

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A question we get asked a lot from people who are starting to work out on a regular basis is whether they should take supplements. Mostly because they suffered from extremely sore muscles after their first WODs and don’t want to experience that again and secondly because they hope supplementing their diet will help them reach their goals faster. Put … Read More