Beginners course

Hi! Great you're interested in our beginners course. Whether you have never done CrossFit before or tried it a few times already, we are sure you will learn a lot of new things in this course and give you tips and tricks for the things you already know. After this course you will be more confident in our regular workouts.


However... you will learn a lot and it is so much fun! Please check the page below for more details.

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What is CrossFit?


CrossFit is a relatively new sport, created in 2000 by Greg Glassman. It was created as a way to test who the fittest athlete is by combining sport disciplines such as weightlifting, gymnastics, strongman, endurance training and more. It became better known when the yearly CrossFit Games started to emerge in the US around 2009. Fast forward to 2019 and CrossFit has more than 13.000 affiliate gyms in over 120 countries worldwide.

Because CrossFit is such a new sport, and only a handful of people that join CrossFit Zeeburg have experience with all the movements we see in CrossFit, we created the “Fundamentals Course”.

In the Fundamentals Course you will learn how to perform the basic CrossFit movements within the disciplines of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and powerlifting. Because the Fundamental Course classes are small (up to 7 people), there is a lot of personal attention from the coach towards maintaining the proper technique when performing the movements. This lowers the threshold for people to start CrossFit and allows the new joiners to practice in a safe environment and improve their technique.

If you decide to become a member afterwards (with a minimum of 3 months), the course will be for free. 

The amount paid will be deducted from your monthly subscription. There is currently no fixed time in our schedule so first make an appointment for a free tour and introduction.


Karen: “I learned a lot during the two days of Fundamentals. It was a small group where the coach is paying attention to detail and is looking at your posture and technique. A nice atmosphere to learn about this fun sport!”

Linda: “I tried CrossFit only for a few weeks before I took part in the Fundamental Course. The coach suggested to me to try it and I did. I have to say: it was great! At the beginning of the Course everybody talked a bit about oneself and you get to know each other. This created a nice atmosphere in which you weren’t afraid to ask something of the coach. Afterwards, I noticed that I felt more comfortable and self-confident in the regular workouts and my technique improved a lot. I can really recommend it!”

Alex: “I went to the gym about 3x a week before joining CrossFit, so naturally I thought that I would be good at it, I was wrong! It was very humbling to find out that there is a lot more to CrossFit than just pure strength. During the Fundamentals I learned so much about the technique of the exercises, it is a great way to start CrossFit if you don’t have much experience.

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